When 6G Network will be Launched Complete Information

Several countries are switching to 5G. Switching to 5G made it much easier to use in different industries than with the previous technologies. As more people find it useful, tech companies are already looking for ways to move onto 6G Network.

About 6G Network

6G connectivity has performance specifications that include a peak data rate of 1 Tbps, latency under 100 µs, etc. Compared to the current networking technology, 6G can deliver 50 times higher peak data rates and reduce latency by 10 times.

When 6G will Launch?

South Korean government is interested in the future of 6G networking technologies, as the Presidential Transition Committee said.

When it comes to future economic growth drivers, the current government is focusing on non-memory chip, future cars and biotech, and healthcare. The new government is planning to add 6G communications, secondary battery, display, defense and aerospace, advanced nuclear power plant, and digital content.

Many are trying to complete their 6G prototypes by 2026 so that the technology can be available for purchase from the late 2020s. South Korea wants to provide an efficient development process in order to have the tech use cases completed as soon as possible.

6G technology has made significant progress in the past few years. However, the plans of the South Korean government may become a reality very soon.