Xiaomi Is Ready to Launch Its First Electric Vehicle

Xiaomi, a Chinese tech company, also has been working on delivering its first electric vehicle. The company has been granted a new patent for electric vehicles. The patent was filed in 2019 and pertains to Xiaomi’s electric car design.

There are no information regarding when the Xiaomi electric car would be released, but the patent filings show an SUV or sedan with certain tweaks.

Xiaomi filed another patent for wide-angle camera modules for electric vehicles late last year, and it was only authorized this week. The camera system, according to the patent, would record wide-angle photos and will have many modules.

Xiaomi Electric Car

According to Xiaomi, the Xiaomi electric car would be devoid of standard exposed side mirrors in order to boost range. The car’s front end has an aerodynamic and elegant appearance, and we expect the tech business to be in charge of the vehicle’s platform.

The cameras, which include three sensors, are mounted on the top of the automobile and provide a full picture of the surroundings. The camera setup reduces blind areas and improves overall security.

The Xiaomi camera patent will assist to improve the driving experience by giving the driver a full picture of the vehicle’s surroundings. The new patent joins a long list of more than 800 Xiaomi automotive patents. We anticipate that when it finally delivers its first electric vehicle, it will be reasonably priced and comparable to existing models.

It may only be a matter of time until the Xiaomi electric car makes its appearance. There are now 830 Xiaomi electric car patents on the market, which are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.