yellowstone national park reopen for public after floods

Yellowstone National Park Reopen For Public after floods

Yellowstone National Park reopened its southern loop on Wednesday, following a temporary closure due to unprecedented flooding and hazardous conditions last week.

Many of the park’s most popular destinations, including Old Faithful, are located in the southern section.

Yellowstone National Park Reopen

On June 13, Yellowstone National Park closed all five entrances to protect visitors and staff, assess damage, and begin flood recovery efforts. Rockslides, mudslides, surging river water, and downed trees destroyed roads and bridges in the 2.2 million-acre park. Surrounding communities were cut off and without power.

During Yellowstone’s immediate reopening, it won’t be business as usual; for example, officials are testing an intervening period entry system to control throngs of people and protect park facilities.

While the situation evolves, visitors should stay informed and patient, as “we are still maintaining significant recovery while moving into this implementation stage,” said park superintendent Cam Sholly in a statement.