Can Sprigatito be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Find out if Sprigatito shines in Pokémon Go! Our guide reveals the current status of shiny Sprigatito and hints at what's to come.

In Pokémon Go, we are now in the Paldean era. This means a new friend, Sprigatito, has arrived. It’s a Grass-type Pokémon. These days, Sprigatito is everywhere. You might be wondering about finding a shiny Sprigatito. Shiny Pokémon are rare and special. They look different and are prized in the game.

Maybe you have a Meowscarada that is very strong. Then you might not look for more Sprigatito. But finding a shiny Sprigatito could be exciting. Also, catching more Sprigatito gives you candy. This candy makes your Pokémon stronger.

So is there a shiny Sprigatito out there? Let’s find out.

Can Sprigatito be shiny in Pokemon Go?

In Pokémon Go, finding a shiny Sprigatito isn’t possible right now. We might have to wait a year or more for its shiny version.

When shiny Sprigatito does arrive, it’ll be easy to spot. It will have teal or green/blueish instead of green on its face, ears, and chest. Its eyes will turn from red to purple.

For now, focus on catching regular Sprigatito. There are lots of them in 2024. Try to find one with perfect stats. This can keep you busy until the shiny version is released. But don’t expect a shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go until 2025 or later.

That’s our guide on whether you can find a shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go. For more details, check out the gaming sections.

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