How to fix the ‘Your match will start soon’ error in LoL

Struggling with the 'Your match will start soon' error in LoL? Learn quick fixes to get back into the game fast.

Are you seeing the “Your match will start soon” message in League of Legends right after picking your champion? When I first saw it, I didn’t worry too much. Then, I checked forums like Reddit. It turns out, lots of us are in the same boat with this issue.

This glitch stops us from playing the game after we choose our champions. There aren’t many ways to fix it, sadly.

Can you fix the ‘Your match will start soon’ error in League of Legends?

Most of the time, the answer is no. This error usually shows up because of issues with the game’s servers, especially during server outages. This means you are likely to see this message when you are all set to jump into a match.

If the problem is due to a minor server glitch a good step might be to close the League client and log in again. This action forces the game to reload completely, which might just help you get into your awaited match. However, the ultimate fix rests with Riot Games. They are the ones who can ensure the servers are up and running without a hitch.

While waiting it’s a smart idea to check the server status for any League outages. If the servers are indeed down, your best bet is to wait until they’re back up. There are a few tricks that might help with common issues, like restarting the client or checking your internet connection, but patience is key when it comes to server-related problems.

That’s our guide on how to fix the “Your match will start soon” error in League of Legends. I hope you find it helpful. For more guides, make sure to visit our gaming section.

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