Can Unown be shiny in Pokémon Go? Everything You Need to Know

This guide is for beginners who want to learn about Unown, a rare and mysterious creature in the game.

Are you on a quest to catch them all in Pokémon Go? Well, let me tell you about a very special Pokémon Unown. This mysterious creature is not just any Pokémon it’s one of the most unique you can find in the game.

Can Unown be shiny in Pokémon Go?

The short answer is, yes, Unown can indeed be shiny in Pokémon Go. This might come as exciting news to many trainers out there. What makes it even more thrilling is that all versions of Unown, and yes, there are 28 different forms, can be found in their shiny variant.

How to spot a shiny Unown in Pokémon Go

Normally Unown is black but when it’s shiny it turns into a dark blue. So keep your eyes open for that dark blue color when you’re out hunting for Pokémon. Especially because Unown does not show up very often.

When can you find a shiny Unown?

You might now be wondering, “When can I find a shiny Unown?” Well, these special Pokémon aren’t usually found wandering in the wild.

They tend to make appearances during specific events, like the Pokémon Go Tour. It’s during these times that you have a better chance of encountering and catching a shiny Unown.

So it is smart to stay updated on upcoming events in Pokémon Go if you’re aiming to add this rare shiny to your collection.

Why Shiny Unown Is Special?

Catching a shiny Unown is not just about adding a rare Pokémon to your collection. It’s about the thrill of the hunt and the joy of finally finding that one Pokémon in a different hue. Each shiny Unown, with its dark blue color, becomes a precious find that you can show off to your fellow trainers.

So there you have it Now you know that Unown can be shiny in Pokémon Go and how to catch one Keep playing and maybe you’ll find a shiny Unown of your own. Please be sure to check our gaming section for more Pokemon-related articles.

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