How to Fix Zombies Not Loading in Modern Warfare 3

Fix MW3 Zombies loading issues fast. Step-by-step guide to overcome the Minot Hawthorne error.

Playing Call of Duty’s Multiplayer and Warzone can sometimes be tough with all the bugs. But, playing Zombies is usually great fun. It works well most of the time. If Zombies in Modern Warfare 3 isn’t loading for you, I have some tips to help fix it. Let’s get it working again so you can enjoy the game.

How to Fix Zombies Not Loading in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

I understand the frustration when Zombies in Modern Warfare 3 won’t start. This problem often comes from the Minot Hawthorne error. This bug has been around since the game’s early days, first affecting the campaign mode. Now, it’s troubling Zombies players.

Right now, there’s no way to fix this on our own. The Call of Duty team knows about it and is trying to solve it. We don’t know when it will be fixed. Until then, why not play some older Call of Duty games? It’s a good chance to find some Easter eggs you might have missed.

I hope this guide has been helpful. For more MW3 tips and tricks, be sure to check out the gaming section.

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