Google’s AI-Powered Writing Tools for ChromeOS

Google is thinking about making a special tool for ChromeOS that helps with writing. This tool might use AI, which is like a smart computer brain. Google talked about cool new things at a big event called Google I/O in 2023. They showed a thing called Help Me Write and made Bard better. Now, they might be cooking up something more.

This new thing has a secret name: ‘Orca’. Imagine you’re writing a story or an email on your Chromebook, and you want to make it sound better or different. ‘Orca’ could be like a magic wand that helps. You might just need to right-click, which is like a special computer move, and ‘Orca’ could be there.

Here’s the fun part: when you click ‘Orca’, it could give you new words to use. It’s like having a friend who knows lots of words and can suggest cool ones to make your writing shine. You could even ask ‘Orca’ to make your writing sound fancy or special.

Guess what? ‘Orca’ might have a friend too! Its friend’s name is ‘Mako’. When you’re writing and want some help, ‘Mako’ could pop up and offer you three choices. You could ask ‘Mako’ to give you a whole new version of what you wrote. Or you could say, “Hey, ‘Mako’, can you make this sound super cool?” and it might change your words to be fancy.

But wait, there’s more! Instead of keeping the smart stuff in your Chromebook, Google might keep it on their own computers. One of the secret names for this part is ‘Manta’. ‘Manta’ could talk to ‘Orca’ and ‘Mako’ and make everything work together. This way, all ChromeOS devices might get this super writing power.

Just remember, this is like a puzzle we’re putting together from clues. Google hasn’t given us all the answers yet. But it’s exciting to think about how ‘Orca’ and ‘Mako’ could be your writing buddies, making your words better and your Chromebook even cooler.

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