How To Find Juzumaru In Persona 3 Reload

Learn how you can get Juzumaru in Persona 3 Reload!

After the bright night of the first full moon in the game Persona 3 Reload, a new adventure awaits you!

You get to take on special tasks given by Elizabeth, found through the magical doorway in the Velvet Room, located in a hidden corner of Paulownia Mall.

One of the exciting challenges, Request #7, is to find a special sword called a Juzumaru.

The Juzumaru is a mighty sword, perfect for Junpei to wield with both hands. It’s a unique item that you won’t find in the usual shops, not even from Officer Kurosawa at the police station.

Your quest to find the Juzumaru will take you into the mysterious Tartarus tower during the Dark Hour.

But don’t worry, the journey to find the Juzumaru in the vast Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload is part of the thrilling adventure that awaits!

Where to Find Juzumaru in Persona 3 Reload

where to find juzumaru in persona 3 reload

Elizabeth mentioned finding Juzumaru in Persona 3 Reload by opening a special treasure chest in Arqa. Many locate it on the 36th floor.

Before venturing, gather Twilight Fragments to open the chest; Elizabeth warns of powerful shadows, the Gatekeeper mini-bosses. Defeat them to unlock both chests for Juzumaru.

Return to Elizabeth with the acquired Juzumaru for a reward of Makouha and the returned two-handed sword.

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