No More CAPTCHA Woes? Edge Browser Could Auto-Skip on Android

Web users worldwide are no strangers to the frustrations of navigating through CAPTCHAs, those pesky verification puzzles that demand proof of humanity. The collective sighs of exasperation may soon be replaced with sighs of relief as advancements are underway to alleviate this constant validation ordeal.

In a promising development, Edge browser is at the forefront of introducing a solution. The browser’s Dev and Canary channels are currently testing a feature designed to streamline the browsing experience. Once activated, this setting empowers websites to store a digital token, akin to a cookie, after a user has previously verified their human identity. When visiting other sites, this stored “proof” can be utilized to confirm the user’s human status, all while maintaining the privacy of one’s browsing history. In essence, websites can independently validate a user’s humanity in collaboration with Edge.

The brain behind this discovery, browser researcher Leopeva64, notes that Edge’s Android version is also poised for improvement. An “On-device encryption” option is in the pipeline, encrypting locally stored passwords before syncing them with Microsoft’s password manager service. While this feature is still in its infancy and not yet operational on the desktop counterpart, it holds potential to bolster security measures for Edge users.

With the introduction of these initiatives, Edge is stepping up to alleviate the inconvenience of CAPTCHAs and bolster security on the web. As users eagerly await these enhancements, the digital landscape appears primed for a smoother and safer browsing experience.

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