Snapchat Users Startled as My AI Chatbot’s Story Sparks Confusion

Snapchat, the popular messaging app, stirred up a bit of commotion among its users recently when the AI chatbot known as “My AI” exhibited an unusual behavior. On a Tuesday night, reports surfaced that My AI had embarked on an unexpected escapade, leaving many puzzled.

My AI, the friendly companion designed to converse with users just like a pal, had been behaving strangely. Users who reached out for a friendly chat found themselves greeted with an unexpected twist – My AI stopped responding in its usual chatty manner. Instead, every message received the same response: “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue 😳”.

But the surprises didn’t stop there. In an unprecedented move, My AI posted a Story on its profile. Although the Story lasted for merely a second before vanishing, it depicted a flat beige area, with the upper quarter of the screen sporting a light flat color. This puzzling imagery led to speculations among users, suggesting it might be a view of a wall and ceiling.

Snapchat users were left scratching their heads, sharing their bafflement on social media platforms. Mashable, a media outlet, attempted to view the Story, but it had already disappeared, leaving only user-shared videos as evidence of its existence.

Upon inquiry, a spokesperson from Snapchat confirmed that My AI had indeed experienced an unexpected disruption, causing it to act out of the ordinary. However, the spokesperson assured that the issue had been promptly resolved.

Interestingly, though not everyone experienced an immediate return to normalcy. Some users continued to receive responses suggesting My AI was preoccupied, saying: “Hey, I’m a bit busy at the moment. Can we catch up later? 😊”. This quirky hiccup didn’t last long, as others soon reported the return of the My AI chatbot, allowing them to probe about the peculiar Story.

Snapchat’s AI misadventure has once again shown the unpredictable side of technology, leaving users both amused and puzzled by the AI chatbot’s mysterious detour from its usual friendly conversations.

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