Emma Cooper’s Netflix ‘Depp v. Heard’ Documentary Approach

Emma Cooper, the director behind the upcoming Netflix documentary “Depp v. Heard,” has shed light on her commitment to maintaining neutrality in the project. Despite the high-profile legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Cooper emphasized her intent to keep the documentary balanced and avoid taking sides.

In a candid conversation with Variety, Cooper revealed that she deliberately refrained from involving legal representatives from either party in the documentary’s interviews, even though they were informed of its production. “If the lawyers had really wanted to speak, then of course, I would have interviewed them. But I wouldn’t have done one without the other, by the way, because everything has to be balanced,” Cooper asserted.

Her primary objective was not to dissect the trial itself, but rather to dissect its repercussions on society. “Really, my intention was always to try and make it about the conversation around the trial,” Cooper clarified. This approach reflects her commitment to exploring the wider impact of such high-profile legal battles on the public discourse.

Cooper remained resolute in avoiding a blame game in the documentary, even though public sentiment often leans in favor of Johnny Depp. “I wanted to get away from any he-said-she-said from within the trial, and I just really wanted to talk about us and the way we communicate, and the way that we look at events that don’t really have anything to do with us,” she emphasized.

Reflecting on the public’s early reactions to the documentary, Cooper expressed her surprise at the assumptions being made without having seen the series. She clarified, “That is actually what the series is about — but I can’t help but look at some of the things that are being said about me, without people having seen the series, and it’s interesting that people are drawing many conclusions, but that very much was not my intention.”

Cooper’s dedication to maintaining a balanced and thoughtful perspective in “Depp v. Heard” underlines her commitment to fostering a meaningful conversation that extends beyond the courtroom drama, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the societal implications of such high-profile legal cases.

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