How to Check PS5 Controller Battery on a PC? Step-by-Step Guide

Do you use a PS5 controller on your PC? It's cool for games, but how do you know when the battery is low? Let's look at easy ways to check it.

The PS5 controller comes with a battery that lets you play games for up to 10 hours without stopping. But, if you love playing games for a long time, it’s smart to keep an eye on how much battery you have left.

We’re going to show you how to see your PS5 controller’s battery level on a computer. Plus, we’ve got some great advice to make your controller’s battery last even longer.

How to Check PS5 Controller Battery on a PC

If you’re using a PS5 controller with your PC, you might want to know how much battery life it has left. Here are two methods:

1. Using Device Manager

This way uses something already on Windows. It shows battery life as a number.

  1. Connect your PS5 controller to your PC. You can do this with a USB cable or through Bluetooth.
  2. Right-click on the Start button on your PC. A menu will pop up.
  3. From the menu, select “Device Manager”.
  4. In the Device Manager, look for “Human Interface Devices” and click on it to see more options.
  5. Find “Wireless Controller” or “DualSense Wireless Controller” in the list. Right-click on it.
  6. After right-clicking, choose “Properties” from the options that appear.
  7. In the Properties window, go to the “Details” tab.
  8. Look for the “Battery” property in the list. The number is next to it tells you the battery level of your PS5 controller in percentage.

2. Using DS4Windows

This method uses a free program that gives more details, including a picture of the battery level.

  1. Go to to get the app. Download and install it on your PC.
  2. After installing, run the DS4Windows app on your computer.
  3. Use a USB cable or Bluetooth to connect your PS5 controller to your PC.
  4. DS4Windows will find your controller automatically. You can see the battery level on the “Controller” screen in the app.

Both ways are helpful. If you want a quick check, use Device Manager. For more details and a visual, DS4Windows is better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I check the PS5 controller battery level without any software?

Yes, you can use Windows Device Manager to check the battery level without additional software, but it only shows the battery level as a percentage.

Is DS4Windows safe to download and use?

Yes, DS4Windows is a reputable, open-source software widely used in the gaming community. Always download it from the official GitHub page to ensure safety.

Can I connect my PS5 controller to a PC without a USB cable?

Definitely! If your PC supports Bluetooth, you can connect your PS5 controller wirelessly.

Does DS4Windows show more than just battery level?

Yes, DS4Windows provides detailed information about your controller, including battery level, and allows you to customize button mappings and other settings.

What should I do if my controller isn’t showing up in Device Manager?

Make sure your controller is properly connected to your PC. If using USB, try a different port. If connecting via Bluetooth, ensure your PC’s Bluetooth is on and try pairing the device again.

Will checking the battery level often drain the battery faster?

No, checking the battery level, either through Device Manager or DS4Windows, has a negligible impact on the controller’s battery life.


Checking the battery level of your PS5 controller on a PC is straightforward with the right tools. Whether you prefer the built-in capabilities of Windows through Device Manager or the enhanced features of DS4Windows, both methods ensure you’re never caught off guard by a low battery during crucial gaming moments. By staying informed about your controller’s battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and maintain your gaming performance at its peak.

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