How to Craft Realm Cards in Nightingale? Complete Guide

Nightingale's Realm Cards explained: Easy steps to open portals and embark on mystical journeys!

Crafting Realm Cards in Nightingale is a magical process that opens doors to endless adventures. These cards are not just pieces of paper; they are keys to new worlds, each with its own story. Let’s explore how you can create these wonders and step into the realms of your dreams.

What are Realm Cards in Nightingale?

what are realm cards in nightingale

In Nightingale, Realm Cards are your ticket to adventure. They guide you to different worlds with special challenges and treasures. To make these cards, you need a special place called the Realm Card Bench. You’ll find your first bench in the Respite Realm, your safe home.

There are three kinds of cards:

  • Biome Realm Cards: These choose the type of world you will see.
  • Major Realm Cards: These change the creatures and treasures you find.
  • Minor Realm Cards: These add fun little surprises to your adventure.

You need one Biome Card to start. The other cards make your adventure even better.

How to Craft Realm Cards in Nightingale

how to craft realm cards in nightingale
Image Credit: Inflexion Games

To craft a Realm Card, you need three things:

  • Paper (1): You make this at a Paper Press with plant fibers.
  • Ink (1): You create ink using berries and flowers.
  • Essence: This magic touch comes from exploring or fighting creatures.

Here’s how to make your Realm Card:

  1. Go to the Realm Card Bench: This is where you’ll bring all your items together.
  2. Choose Your Recipe: Start with simple cards. You’ll find more as you explore.
  3. Check Your Items: Make sure you have everything you need.
  4. Make Your Card: Now, craft the Realm Card you want.

As you play, you’ll find cards for bigger adventures. These need special benches to make. They let you see new places, with each card adding something special to your trip.

How to Use Realm Cards in Nightingale?

To use your cards, go to the Arcane Portal Device in your Respite Realm. Here, you can pick which cards to use for your next journey. You can mix up to five cards to set up your adventure. This decides the world’s look, the creatures you meet, and the treasures you find.

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about Realm Cards in Nightingale, from what they are to how to craft them. I hope this guide has been helpful for you. Be sure to check out how to personalize character in Nightingale for more details, and for further information, don’t forget to visit the gaming section. Happy adventuring in Nightingale!

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