How To Find Hardwood In Enshrouded

Discover the secrets of locating Hardwood in the game Enshrouded. Learn where to find these elusive trees in Embervale.

Starting out in Embervale in Enshrouded is tough. You need to make basic stuff early. Once you set up a base and meet others like the Carpenter, you’ll get better at making things with new resources. But, not all resources are there from the start. One you’ll find later in different places is Hardwood.

Hardwood isn’t super rare but it’s tricky to find without knowing where to look. Also, you need the right tools to collect it. If you’re looking to find and get Hardwood in Embervale, there’s a guide that can help you with that.

Where to Find Hardwood in Enshrouded

where to find hardwood in enshrouded

In Enshrouded, you’ll find Hardwood from big trees in Embervale. These aren’t your average trees. They’re massive and have green vines at the bottom. Once you spot one, you’ll know it’s different.

You’ll find plenty of these Hardwood trees between the Revelwoods’ Ancient Spire and the Farmer’s Ancient Vault. That’s where you’ll also meet a survivor. But, be aware, the area is mostly covered by the shroud. Make sure you’re all geared up before you go looking for Hardwood.

You can chop these trees with a basic axe, but it’s tough. It takes a lot of your character’s stamina and isn’t the best way to do it. Better to upgrade your axe at the Blacksmith first. It saves time and energy.

With the Carpenter’s help, Hardwood lets you make cool stuff like an Ornate Wooden Bed and a Polished Banquet Table. These items make your base more comfy.

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