How to get Heartshots in Nightingale

Get Heartshots easily in Nightingale with our guide!

Nightingale is a game that changes how we play open-world survival-combat games. It’s made by Inflexion Games. They’ve added lots of new things to try. You can explore different worlds by jumping through portals. There are mini-dungeons to beat and skill trees to grow. It feels a bit like those big online games we’ve heard about.

But there is one thing in Nightingale that’s different from other survival games. It’s called Heartshots. You might be wondering how to make these Heartshots in Nightingale. Let me guide you through it.

What are Heartshots?

Heartshots in Nightingale are interesting. They work a lot like headshots but are a bit different. Instead of aiming for the head, you aim for the heart. This means you target the torso area of an enemy to deal extra damage. Even though you can still get extra damage from headshots in Nightingale, trying for Heartshots adds a bit more challenge and fun when you’re fighting from a distance.

Getting Heartshots might seem a bit hard at first. But worry not. There is a special quest that can help you learn how to do it. The quest is called “Take Aim and Shoot.”

You can start this quest by talking to a character named Bass Reeves. He is in the Provisioner Realm. This quest is a superb way to get the hang of making Heartshots.

How to get Heartshots in Nightingale

Getting Heartshots in Nightingale is something you can learn in a special quest. But, there are more tips I can share with you to make it easier.

For enemies that look like humans, aim for the left side of their chest. That’s where you’ll find the heart. But when you are trying to hit animals that walk on four legs, it’s a little tougher.

Usually, you should aim just above the front leg on the animal’s left side. This is not always the case for every creature you will meet in the game, but it works for the ones that look like animals we know, such as boars and deer.

Here’s another tip: use the moment when enemies appear to your advantage. They often pause for a short time. This little pause gives you extra time to aim carefully, which can really help in getting that perfect Heartshot.

Even though you need to have guns to start the “Take Aim and Shoot” quest from Reeves, remember that any weapon that shoots something can be used for Heartshots. It’s a good idea to try out different weapons. This way, you can find the one that feels best for you.

That’s our guide on how to get Heartshots in Nightingale. I hope you find it helpful. For more tips and tricks, check out our gaming section.

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