How to import Loot Filters in Last Epoch

Quick guide on importing Loot Filters in Last Epoch!

Managing your loot is key when playing Last Epoch. You’ll find so much loot! A lot of it won’t help you. But, you can find the really good items by using Loot Filters. Loot Filters make it easy to spot the best items. This is something I think you’ll find very useful in the game.

What are Loot Filters in the Last Epoch?

Loot Filters in Last Epoch are tools that let you choose what loot you see. They show only the items that are good for your character or the kind of items you want.

You can set them up to sort items by how good they are, their colors, and how they compare to other items.

Having a Loot Filter that fits your game plan makes playing smoother. It saves you a lot of time, which is super important when you reach the later parts of the game.

How to import Loot Filters in Last Epoch

To bring Loot Filters into Last Epoch, don’t worry if it seems hard at first. A lot of players have made Loot Filters that are ready to use. Here’s how you can add them to your game.

First step, pick a Loot Filter you like. You can find these on sites like Maxroll and Last Epoch Tools. These sites might use different ways to let you import Loot Filters, like .XML files or by letting you copy and paste right into your game. Let’s start with the .XML file method.

After choosing your Loot Filter, download the .XML file and save it to your computer.

To import it, open the Loot Filters section in the game. You can do this by pressing Shift + F or going through the settings to the Interface menu. Then, click the + icon and select “Open Filter Folder”. Next, copy the .XML file you downloaded into this folder.

Another way is to copy the filter text directly from the website. After copying, in the game’s Loot Filters menu, click on “Paste Clipboard Contents”. If the filter is correct, it will be added to your game. You can even change the filter in the game to make it perfect for you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to import Loot Filters in Last Epoch! I hope this guide was helpful to you. With these steps, you can easily bring in optimized Loot Filters to enhance your gaming experience.

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