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facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, services go down globally

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Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram services go down globally, The social network’s popular web site Facebook, its owned photo sharing app Instagram and messaging app Whatsapp applications, suddenly closed in various countries of the world, resulting in difficulty posting multiple users. Is reading

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services have been affected globally because of technical issues, which is due to consumers in severe trouble.

Reach-ability Report

If users initially try to share a photo or video shared on Facebook, when the service is affected, the service will be sent to the user and the message will be sent to the user if you can not share the photo or video at the moment, then install the installation of the Instagram and WhatsApp. Services also suspended.

Sending and received messages on WhatsApp has been affected.

Hundreds of users are reporting on Twitter and other services on Twitter.

After infecting social links websites around the world, on Facebook, Instagram download and Watts app are downloaded on Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services have been affected most of the countries of America, Europe and Asia.

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger services were closed on March 13 due to technical issues.

This problem began on 5pm and gradually spread across the world, but in some places, such as ‘Total Blackout’ came out.

In November 2018, the services of Facebook and Instagram were also affected but were not completely closed, but some features were working, the users had failed to load web service but the app was working.

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