Does Wuthering Waves have multiplayer or co-op?

Wondering about multiplayer in Wuthering Waves? Explore co-op gameplay with friends or join sessions with random players!

Wuthering Waves is a cool new game that fans of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail will enjoy. It’s set in a big world where you fight monsters after a big event called the Lament. The game has many characters to choose from for battles and really nice anime-style pictures.

People are wondering if they can play with friends in this game. Let’s find out all about playing Wuthering Waves with friends!

Does Wuthering Waves have multiplayer or co-op?

Yes, Wuthering Waves is bringing friends together with its co-op multiplayer feature. If you loved the teamwork in games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, you’re in for a treat.

In the latest beta test of the game, you can team up in groups of three. You can either invite your pals for a game or join in with players from around the world.

Once you’re in a team, the world of Wuthering Waves opens up for you and your friends to explore.

Together, you can gather cool materials called Echoes, battle against groups of enemies, and face off with big bosses.

And the best part? There’s talk of even more co-op features when Wuthering Waves fully launches. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest, so stay tuned!

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