Helldivers 2 Launch Exceeds Expectations, Devs Share Future Plans

Helldivers 2's impressive launch sets the stage for exciting developments ahead.

Arrowhead made Helldivers 2 and they had a great weekend. The game’s servers worked well for all players. Johan Pilestedt from Arrowhead said in a tweet he is happy with how the team did. The game had a lot of players, 458,709, and it was still okay.

They made the game better so more people could play at the same time, up to 700,000. Johan said they thought even more people, 800,000, might play but everything went smoothly. Now they can add new things to the game.

They are planning to bring in new mechs and maybe a new group to fight against. They also want to add new weapons and ways to play. Players might soon be able to change the color of their armor too.

Arrowhead is working on making the game even better based on what players say. They want everyone to have fun fighting bugs and robots. If you play Helldivers 2, you can find tips on how to be better at the game.

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