How to Get Textiles in Nightingale

Get Textiles for your Nightingale adventure! Our simple guide helps you turn Hide into Felt and Leather for gear crafting.

In Nightingale upgrading your armor is a must-do. As you travel through more Kingdoms, you face tougher enemies. This means you need better gear. But to make this gear you need something called Textiles.

The game doesn’t tell you what Textiles are or how to find them. This has made some players feel a bit lost. But don’t worry. We’ve got the answers. Here is how you can get Textiles in Nightingale.

How to Get Textiles in Nightingale

To get Textiles in Nightingale, think of them as special ingredients like Felt, Leather, and Cloth. They are all made from Hide or Refined Fibre. Here’s a simple way to find Textiles in the game.

First, start by hunting animals. You will get Hide from them. You can turn Hide into Felt or Leather. Just go to a Simple Tanning Station. There, you can change Hide into either Felt or Leather. You will need two pieces of Hide for each piece of Felt or Leather.

After you have Felt or Leather, you can use these as Textiles. Textiles are mainly used when you are making Armor. So far, we don’t use them to upgrade weapons or tools.

If you are short on time but have lots of Essence Dust, you can visit an Essence Trader. They often sell Cloth, Leather, or Felt. But buying from them may not always be the best deal. Most animals give you plenty of hiding so you can collect a lot of it.

That’s our guide on how to get Textiles in Nightingale. We hope you find it helpful. For more tips and tricks, check out the gaming section.

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