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Ready for big changes in the Facebook app?

Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

Ready for big changes in the Facebook app? A few years back, Facebook encouraged the use of the Messenger app to chat with friends in its smartphone users and bypassing the option of sending messages from the mobile app, it made the Messaging app mandatory.

But now it looks like Facebook is going to take it on its strategy and once again it’s going to bring messaging to your main app.

App researcher and Twitter user Jane Jane Chengwong has shot the Facebook screen of the new change on which it is still being done.

This image has a new tab for Messaging on the top right of the Facebook app.

This chat buttons on the Facebook app and on the mobile site currently work on the shortcut of the SMS app and if it is not installed in the Device Device, it also takes the shortcut to the app store or the Google Play Store, however the mobile web It is possible to chat by going on return.

Facebook introduced Messers as an autonomous app in 2011 and ended up with the chat app in the Facebook app in 2014, the Messenger was made mandatory.

Jean-Men Chen Wong said in another comment that the features in Facebook will be reduced – namely send or receive bus messaging, while messaging, photos or video calls will need help from the Messenger app.

Now 5 years later, Facebook is working to gather Messenger, Instagram and Wats app, then the chat feature is also back on the main app.

It is not clear that this change in Facebook will be available for all consumers, but it will be a great relief, especially for consumers who do not like anything more.

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