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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Just Leaked plot Online

Muhammad Naqash
Written by Muhammad Naqash

Avengers: Endgame is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. Early ticket sales hit the roof when they opened for the public. At the height of it all, movie tickets were being sold for as high as $10,000 online. This morning, leaked footage of the film surfaced online and fans of the film FREAKED OUT.

source:Mavel studios

The footage in question is about 4 minutes long and is a compilation of what seems to be some pretty big moments from the film. 

Of course, Marvel and Disney have already blocked and removed the clip from the internet, however, there were some die-hard fans who have seen the footage.

In the leaked clip, you can see there are Arabic subtitles, and this is leading to some interesting rumors on Reddit, in particular. Moreover, the clip itself is pretty poor quality, you would need to watch it a couple of times to really understand what is happening.

Here are some of the moments we could definitely pick up on from the leaked clip.

  • Ant-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man all head over to New York for a battle to retrieve crucial stones.

source:Marvel studios
  • Thor has totally let go of himself- his hair was grown out as has his beard.

source:Marvel studios
  • The Hulk tried on the Iron Man Gauntlet, however, is unable to wield it properly- it’s too powerful for him.
source:Marvel studios
  • There is a few seconds long snippet where we see EVERYONE come together and charge towards Thanos. At this moment, Captain America says ‘Avengers Assemble’.
source:Marvel studios
  • Peter Parker and Tony Stark are reunited and greet each other with a warm hug.
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Source:Marvel studios
  • Carol (Captain Marvel) asks Peter to give her the Iron Man Gauntlet, and he hands it to her
Source:Marvel studios

This is a pretty major leak, especially considering the moments that were leaked. However, fans of the Avengers franchise should not be disheartened- the movie is like 3 hours long and these snippets explain nothing about the events happening in them. There’s a lot of the story that remains to be seen.

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