<link rel="stylesheet" href="//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans%3A400%7CRoboto+Slab%3A400">US space agency NASA claims to discover the first planet equal to the Earth's size.

US space agency NASA claims to discover the first planet equal to the Earth’s size.

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According to the Astronomical Journal of Astronomy, according to the Astronomical Journalist, a satellite scope of NASA’s planets has brought a planet similar to Earth’s Earth. This planet is all a fellowship with Neptune, which was seen this year in January this year, but has been regularly confirmed after continuous observation and other details.

Space scientists decided to observe the planets near the system solar and near the bright stars, with Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite two years ago, so that their structure and surface could be reviewed closely.
Scientists revealed that in the past two years, TESS observed about 300 planets equal to or equal to the size of the Earth, with a planned review of the planet, which is estimated to be the 13th year on Earth’s Earthquake Planet Earth. The D-21749 is surrounded by a circle.

Scientists also confirmed this with the discovery of Telescoped Magellan II, with the help of their plant finder spectrogram – PFS, does not translate into the planet’s volume and structure studies, the PFS also has the planet’s equivalent of Earth Confirmed

Scientists believe this discovery as an important success and said that it would have the opportunity to know our galaxies, but also the space and mysteries of space, and this observation is also expected to cover the hidden secrets in the universe.

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