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Apple face-recognition blamed by New York teen for false arrest

Numan Rasheed
Written by Numan Rasheed

The netnews website reported the young man face recognition software company claimed that it tells the thief several Apple stores.

According to a legal claim, Omsla Baha was arrested on November 29 in New York Police Department’s store in Apple’s stores in Boston, New Jersey, Delaware, and Manhattan.

In the complaint he said that the original thieves were stolen in the month of May last year from Boston’s store, stealing the $ 1200-dollar Apple Essays (especially Apple Pensions).

According to him, the alleged thief used his id, in which his name, address and other private details were present, but his image was not.

Omsana Baha pointed out that she was not present in the city on the stolen day, and went to Maine in Manhattan to participate in the senior prom.

It is clear that Apple has allegedly installed a face-to-face system in its stores, which tells Osmayana Baha the real thief, which was accused of being stolen.

However, the New York Police Investigator who has seen the footage of the Manhattan store said that the accused ‘do not look like a fire’.

In a legal claim, the consumer identified in the Apple Store stores have concerns in consumers because most users do not know that their face is being secretly inspected. ‘

There has been no response to Apple’s case.

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