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Mrs.Serial Killer ready to slay us

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Jacqueline Fernandez is going to slay us completely with her damn looks in Netflix film “Mrs.Serial killer”.

Jacqueline is now a part of Netflix fam officially. and soon she will shine down on Netflix with a murder based Film Mrs.Serial Killer.

The actress proclaimed that from now she is a part of Netflix through an insta post she made today.

” Just a very excited PSA that @jacquelinef143 is officially part of the Netflix fam with Mrs. Serial Killer. Here’s hoping that if we are ever framed for murder, she’s got our back!”Netflix.in posted on Instagram.

And we are a little much electrified to see the girl with a most beautiful smile as Mrs.Serial Killer but some people are not appreciating this.

They commented:

It seems the general public is languorous about this act and the response is not competent.

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