After KiKi here is a new challenge for peoples


Canadian singer Drake of the song “In My Fails”, who forced to dance and threatened many people around the world, set a new record by winning 12 awards at once.

Although Canadian singer and Reaper Drake Graham had numerous songs and music albums, however, he got the fame of the world’s popularity songs ‘In May Fields’ last year.

This song was actually a romance song, but soon after this, the song became a dance challenge for people.

Using the name of ‘ Drake ‘ in this song, asks if they love them?

‘ Kya ‘ is actually the favourite of Drake, which is also featured in the beginning.

Interestingly, in the entire song, Drac does not appear to dance in such a way that later people were seen to dance in ‘Challenge’.

Drak’s song was featured by various people, and people named ‘Challenge’ to dance on the style of this dance, and people around the world shared their videos on social media by dance under this challenge.

The challenge of ‘The Challenge’ was first introduced by American comedy Shiggy, and he named ‘Challenge’ to dance on Drake’s song, after which many people recorded worldwide videos about this challenge. Why

Shiggy did not even dance from the moving vehicle, but then many people came from the vehicle running under the challenge and named ‘Challenge’ to dance.

Many people around the world were injured by moving from the moving vehicle to dance, and this case was adopted as global protection, which has caused governments of many countries to disturb them.

While millions of videos were made on the track of Drake’s song, this song was seen hundreds of times on the internet and now the same song won the award.

At the annual award ceremony by American Shubes and Music Company ‘Billboards’, Drake set a new record by winning 12 balls at the same time, including the song “In May Fields”.

According to Billboards magazine, American singer Cardi B won the award by winning 6 awards.

Interestingly, Cardiac B received 21 nominations for the Billboard Awards, but he managed to win just 6 awards.

Duck won the award in 12 categories at a time, making a new date in the world of music, after winning the award, the number of Drake ‘s total awards have risen to 27.

At the Billboards award ceremony, many other singers won the award.

The award was awarded at more than 55 categories in the event.