“I want fans, not the followers”: Ayeza Khan


There was a time when the fans wanted to know much about their favorite personalities about personal life, but at that time it was not so much done, but today, the fans in the social media era are as close to their honorable personalities as their friends Will be from.

Today there is an account of almost every personality on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where many fans know about their personal life by following them.

Similarly, personalities from Pakistan Showbiz Industry are also close to their fans with the help of their social media accounts, one of them is Ayeza Khan, who kept sharing her daily routine with her fans on her Instagram account.

However, the actor has now been privately excluded from the removal of his Instagram account public, due to which people who do not follow them will no longer see their photos and video.

What has happened to Ayeza Khan, that she does not want to be a part of the race to increase the number of her followers on social media, like the rest of the famous figures.

The actress put an Instagram story in which she said that she is keeping her account private and the reason behind this is she want fans not followers.

She also made a post saying that:
“Sometimes knocking the door is important to enter in someone’s life”

However, if you want to become a part of the actor’s account o, do not be frustrated, despite applying Ayeza Khan’s account, you can send a request to follow them, which actress will definitely accept.

Ayeza Khan is working in a play called ‘Yariaan’, which includes Momal Shaikh and Munib Butt.