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Premier of “Cake” on Netflix

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Pakistani director Ashim Abbasi’s movie “Cake” proved to be successful in cinemas in 2018, the story and work of actors were very appreciated.

If you did not see the first movie in Asim Abbasi, then the good thing is that now you can see it in your home with a good print.

While those who have seen this movie in the cinema, they will know that the movie was so good that they could be seen again in their own house.


Asim Abbasi, who has written his story with the instructions of the movie cake, has shared a piece of special news with his fans.

The director told that his film is being premiered on Netflix very soon.

The main actor of the movie Adnan Malik also said on his Instagram account on a stroke that his film cake will be premiere on Netflix on 15th May.

Other actors of the film include Sanam Saeed, Mohammad Ahmed, Faris Khalid, Biu Zafar, Hira Hussain, and Amna Sheikh.

The story of the film rotates around a family, which looks full of many small controversies, but due to the emotional, comedy and romance scenes in the film, the film was called unique from other films.

Remember that the team that selected Pakistani movies for Oscar, the most famous and high-profile award, for the film ‘Cake’.



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