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“I was rejected at all auditions of acting and hosting” Yumna Zaidi

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Yumna Zaidi shared her story in a recent interview in Rewind With Samina Peerzada. Yumna Zaidi is the most eulogize actress of today. She worked in several blockbuster drama serials like Daar Si jaati Hai Silla, Dil kya Kary and currently working in a drama on HUM TV Inkaar and Dil kya Kary on GEO entertainment.


She told about her story of how she starts acting. The actress said that she was rejected in all dramas at school and college levels.”I was never selected in any skits in school or college”.
“Affan Waheed was group fellow of my sister at NC and at that time he said that there is a small character and then on ATV a small character of mine was on-aired with Ameen Iqbal and I was in class 8th. Then when I was doing my bachelors Ameen Iqbal called me and offered me a negative role of Saba Qamar’s younger sister in Thakan on ARY . and then that drama was on editing I got a lead role in some other drama. Before this, I gave many auditions in Lahore and none of them was clear all got rejected.”

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“I did not start acting for fame or money.My whole family support me and appreciate whenever any of mine project goes on aired.” She added.

“I was born in karachi but brought up in Arifwala. Arifwala is a small district in punjab and then i moved to sahiwal for my study and for further study moved to lahore” The actress shared.

“I am a dreamer but actually that dreams are pray to Allah and i did not share some of them with any other even when i was not aware of that i will be an actress or very famous but i dream at night that i am on some high place.”

credits: Instagram.com

“From januray 1,2017 my life has totally changed and the things gone easier for me” Yumna said.

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