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Unilever gives an explanation on the boycott of LUX Awards by showbiz Personalities

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

The multinational company, Unilever, which held Pakistan’s largest show awards ‘Lux Awards’ after the boycott of awards, said that the nominations of the award are done by an independent jury.

Remember that there was a dispute between the nominations of the Lux Style Awards.

Initially, Showbiz personalities criticized the Lux style Awards on ignoring important dramas and artists in nominations.

However, later on, on the Lux Style Awards, criticized by women on the nomination of sexually abusive personalities, Showbiz personalities started boycott awards.

Early model Eman Suleman had boycotted awards on March 30 after the announcement of nominations and said she did not want to be a part of the award show in which a man is nominated who harassed the woman.

Following Emaan Suleman, Meesha Shafi, film producer Jami, The Music Band The Sketches Make-Up Artist and other 7 personalities boycotted the Lux Style Awards.

All of the personalities said that Lux Style Awards administration nominated man for sexually harassed women, so they can not become part of this award.

In addition, many personalities also criticized the Lux Style Awards to nominate sexually harasser people, but many personalities also supported the Lux Style Awards.

The Lux Style Awards administration was explained nomination of a sexual harasser and said that the nomination work is an independent jury.

The Lux Style Awards administration had explained that the nominations of awards celebrate an independent, which has nothing to do with the award management and award-winning institution.

Along with the reference of a case or a person’s name, it was told that the Lux Style Awards administration has full faith in Pakistan’s legal system and no one can be legally convicted.

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At the same time, the administration had said that they have a fair idea of ​​the seriousness of the matter, and they also appreciate the sentiments of people on this matter.

And now the Multinational company, Unilever, has also announced that the nomination of the Lux Style Awards is done by an independent jury.

According to the statement issued by the company, the institution sees the problems of matters such as inappropriate behavior with anyone very seriously.

The statement states that the organization does not support any employee, partner and any inappropriate behavior with the user.

According to the statement, the nomination papers of the Luck Awards make an autonomous jury and the members of the Independent Board of Governors choose and estimate the jury’s decisions that declare the institution’s nominations.

Referring to the case of singer Ali Zafar and Mishra Shafi, at the end of the statement, it has been said that the company is aware of the matter, but both of them are in the court hearing and no feedback can be given at this time.

It was believed that Ali Zafar was accused of abusing sexually By Meesha Shafi in April 2018, but Ali Zafar rejected his allegations.

Both of them are still under trial in the Sessions Court and now the case of both the Supreme Court will be held in the Supreme Court, Ali Zafar has also filed a claim for dishonor against Meesha Shafi, as Meesha Shafi also dishonored him. Notice has been sent.

Both were nominated for the award by the Lux StyleAwards, but Meesha Shafi announced to remove her name from candidature.

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The Luck Awards are likely to be in July.

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