Microsoft introduces the HoloLenes 2 for Developer Edition, worth $3500


Microsoft HoloLens Developer’s Edition has introduced. It’s worth $ 3500. Hospitals 2 will be offered to the business at the same price by the end of this year. Microsoft has sold $ 5,000 for the original HoloLens and its development kit was $3500. That means the company has not changed the price of HoloLens for the developer.

This kit includes the HoloLens 2 Hardier, Azure Credit, the PiXYZ Plugin plugin for the Unity Pro free trial and cad (data) data. Microsoft says that by the end of May, the support of Unreal Engine 4 will be offered to developers using Holon 2.

Microsoft has not yet announced the release of HoloLens 2. However, the company has promised to provide its producer and commercial unit by the end of the year.