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Social media is ignited with rape indictments against kami Sid

Sidra Shahzadi
Written by Sidra Shahzadi

Activist for rights espousal and trans model Kami Sid has accused many people on social media to threaten rape and to intimidate fear.

Kami Sid and his associates were accused that they had raped Sana’s name in 2015.

The matter actually came when a woman named Minahil Baloch on Twitter accused Kami Sid on threatening her.

Manhal said that she had shared a post regarding the Cannes Festival a few days ago, in which he wrote that “do not support rapists even if they make it to Cannes 2019. The rapists don’t belong to cis-gender only. Rape knows no gender”

According to this, She did not name anyone in this post, but Kami Sid tried to frighten her by sending personal messages.

She also told that her post has nothing to do with Kami Sid, while she also said that Kami Sid has already threatened people like this.

In favor of Minahil Baloch, some other peoples on social media come up on social media with rape allegations on Kami sid. An activist Shumaila Hussain Sahani also posted some details.

Shumaila also accused Kami Sid that she had raped a 14-year-old girl who was now 18 or 19 years old.

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Social worker and journalist, named Salman Khan, also accused Kami Sid to rap the Sana.

He revealed that the Women’s Action Forum also made a meeting in 2018, where there were sana, during which they also heard her story.

Meanwhile, Aiman Rizvi, a journalist, shared her post on social media, in which she said that “A few months ago I posted on Twitter questioning why KLF was screening a film made by someone who had rape allegations against them. “

After his tweet, Kami sid harassed her but also tried to threaten her on the question raised by her.

In this regard, Don asked Kami Sid as also about the allegations on which social worker declared them unconscious.

Kami Sid said, ‘This group is against me, which includes people’s personal interests, besides this, nothing can be done, now people from my community will also raise their voices, all know that How was the transgenders treated cruelly in the past”

And now there is update on Kami Sid’s rape case that Kami has been suspended as a board member of youth voices count.

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