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Avengers: Endgame Directors Confirm Rerelease Footage Involves Hulk

Written by Asad Naseer

Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo confirm the deleted scene in the new theatrical re-release stars Hulk. After a record-shattering box office run that saw the film gross $2.7 billion worldwide, Endgame is returning to theaters for one last hurrah in a so-called “Bring Back” edition that features extra surprises at the end of the credits. Kevin Feige confirmed plans for the re-release (which, technically is a re-expansion sine Endgame hasn’t left theaters since its April premiere) earlier this month, teasing that it includes a deleted scene, a tribute, and other bits.

An official press release from Marvel confirmed the deleted scene in question would be unfinished, but stopped short of revealing what it would entail. There’s been no shortage of speculation in the time since the Endgame Bring Back edition was announced, with some expressing hope to see the Morgan Stark/Soul World sequence the Russos have already talked about. However, it seems like everyone’s favorite green monster is going to have some more time to shine on the big screen.

Taking to their Twitter account, the Russo brothers posted a message telling fans to see the re-release of Endgame this weekend. They confirmed that not only would moviegoers be treated to the first two minutes of Spider-Man: Far From Home, they’d also see a Hulk-centric deleted the scene. Check out their post in the space below:

In the two months since Endgame originally came out, there haven’t been any details about deleted scenes involving Hulk, so it’s a mystery what this scene will be. Since it’s unfinished, it’ll be interesting to see if Hulk’s CGI effects are completed or if Mark Ruffalo will be running around in his infamous mo-cap pajamas. From the sound of things, the decision was made to cut the scene early on in Endgame’s post-production, meaning it likely didn’t have much importance to the overall plot and may just be a fun moment of levity. Considering that it’s being used as a post-credits extra for the re-release, the Hulk scene is probably something lighthearted and fun, harkening back to the more comedic MCU stingers of the past. Maybe it’ll involve more failed time travel hijinks.

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This is the rare summer weekend without a new major tentpole releasing (Danny Boyle’s Yesterday is the high profile newcomer), so it’s the ideal time to do an Endgame re-release such as this. Whether or not there’ll be much interest remains to be seen. At this point, everyone who’s wanted to see the film has, and for casual viewers, seeing a deleted scene or the intro of a movie that comes out in a few days may not be much incentive to head back for another viewing. So, the re-release might not be enough to move Endgame past Avatar, but it’ll still be a fun event for those interested.

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