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Sunita marshall husband was kidnapped for 35 days’


Pakistani actress and model Sunita Marshal revealed in an interview that Sunita marshall husband was kidnapped several years ago and that was the most difficult time of her life.

Sunita Marshall recently became part of Samina Pirzada’s show ‘Rewind with Samina’, where she talked about many important aspects of her life.

On that occasion, Sunita Marshal said that Hassan was abducted by unknown persons for 35 days and when he returned home he was mentally disturbed.

sunita marshall
PC: Instagram

Recalling the incident, Sanita Marshall said, “We celebrated our son’s first birthday on March 19, and on the night of March 21, someone kidnapped Hassan. Hassan abducted for 35 days.

The kidnappers contacted me. I was in contact with CPLC, from the first day they helped me when my friend went to pay the ransom, the CPLC went with him. ‘

“We were calling on this occasion, but CPLC people did not pick up the phone,” said Sunita Marshal, crying. “This story continued till 6 am, we were just waiting for the news.

He was afraid that the kidnappers might not have killed Hassan, that night was very difficult, but eventually, Hassan returned home but was mentally disturbed. ‘

Sharing her husband’s situation, she said, “When Hassan came out of the house, he couldn’t believe it because he was feeling like he was going to be killed and thrown into a drain.”

According to the actress, in those 35 days when there was no Hassan, I was so upset that I lost 8kg.

Sunita Marshall also revealed that at the beginning of the marriage, Hassan was particularly worried about her career, so she supported her husband in every way.

Sunita said, “At the wedding, Hassan’s career was not that good. And I used to say that there will come a time when you will earn more than me and it is today that they earn more than me. ‘

She added, “I have never fought Hassan, I never said why you are not getting work and because of you I have to do double work.

I told him to be patient and give time. As time went on, they got things done and things got better ‘.

sunita marshall
PC: Instagram

“I haven’t done any drama for over a year, I can’t play any heroin anymore, I can’t be a heroin mom, I can’t be heroin or an 18-year-old,” the model said of her career. Can give the role of a girl ‘.

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