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Momal and Yasir Hussain’s ‘Dil ho gaya hai tera deewana’

momal sheikh, yasir hussain

The dance video of famous actress Momal Sheikh’s famous time song ‘Dil ho Gaya hai Tera Deewana’ by his father has gone viral.

In the 1990s, the most popular song ‘Dil Ho Hai Tera Deewana’ sung in the voice of singer Tehsin Javed. Which was filmed on Javed Sheikh and Neely, which is still considered by the fans’ favorite song. The song, which was featured in the movie Trouble, played a vital role in reaching Javed Sheikh at the heights of fame. However, now his daughter Momal Sheikh has also surprised everyone by dancing to his father’s song.

Actor Yasser Hussain released a video on Instagram in which he and Momal Sheikh are dancing to the song ‘Dil Ho Gaya hai Tera Deewana’ on a beach jetty in Norway. In this video of the dance, the two actors are regularly performing with the lyrics of a movie-like song.

Yasir Hussain also wrote in the caption along with the video with Momal Sheikh. He revealed that Sheikh Family is really a filmy family. The films that this family has made and the way these people are working is commendable.

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