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Sana Khan And Mufti Anas
Sana Khan And Mufti Anas


Sana Khan’s Statement About Husband Mufti Anas

 Former Indian actress Sana Khan, who said goodbye to Bollywood for following Islam’s path, quotes her husband, Mufti Anas, saying that she did not decide to marry Anas overnight. Still, for a man like him, she prayed for years. 

In a recent interview, Sana Khan described her first meeting with her husband Syed Anas and how her husband played an essential role in changing her life. According to Sana Khan, she and her husband first met in 2017 in Mecca.

Sana Khan said that on the day she returned to India, I had a brief meeting with Anas, and Anas was introduced to me as an Islamic scholar. One thing I would like to clarify here is that Anas is not a “Mufti” but a “scholar.” I contacted them again at the end of 2018 because I had a few questions about religion. And then, almost a year later, in 2020, the two of us got in touch again because I was always looking for more information about Islam.

Talking about her and Syed Anas’ marriage, Sana Khan said, “I did not decide to marry Anas overnight.” Rather, I have prayed for years for a man like Anas in my life. I like most about Anas because he is ‘decent’ and ‘he has modesty.’

They do not judge others. They told me that if something good falls into the gutter, you put ten buckets of water on it; it is not clean, but take it out of the channel and pour a glass of water, it is clean. His words had a profound effect on me.

Talking about her profession, Sana Khan said, “Many people ask me why I realized so late that I am in the wrong profession. So I want to say that you don’t realize many things right away.” Would have You get so much glamor and fame that you either don’t see anything or you can’t make a decision.

I was the only earner in my house, and the lockdown helped me understand that I should take this step. What I was doing was not for me. I am grateful for what Bollywood has given me, but I realized that I am not for this industry.

Regarding quitting social media after showbiz, Sana Khan said, “I will not quit social media at all.” People ask me if I will take sannyasa (separation from the world). Still, I want to say that there is a big difference between taking sannyas and living life according to religion.

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On the criticism made by people after marriage, Sana Khan said, “How can my marriage be a problem for others?” I didn’t get married to listen to criticism. My husband is a good man, and I think he is very beautiful. You may not like him, but I don’t care.

Talking about children, Sana Khan said, “My husband wants us not to do family planning yet but I want our children to be in a hurry.”

During the interview, Maulana Anas Syed, while talking about marriage with Sana Khan, said that I had prayed to God that I want to marry Sana Khan, and God heard my prayer. I don’t think I would have been happier if I had married someone else. Sana is a forgiving and pure-hearted girl. I always wanted a girl who would complete me.

Maulana Anas added that people still ask me how I got married to an actress. But these are all small-minded people. This is my life, and no one should comment on it. People are free to think that we are not close to each other, but only we know how compatible we are.

Maulana Anas added, “I have never forced Sana Khan to lead a special life.” She announced about wearing a hijab on Instagram about six months ago. People thought that Sana had taken this decision due to epidemic disease and lack of work. But she always wanted to keep herself separate from her job. He was shocked by Sana Khan’s decision to leave the industry.

Sana Khan got married to Maulana Anas Syed, a businessman from Surat, Gujarat, two months ago.'
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