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alcee hastings u.s. representative dies at 84
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Alcee Hastings U.S. Representative dies at 84

Fort Lauderdale, Flat. He was 84 years old.

Hastings’ death was confirmed by his chief of staff, Lele M. Morrison. Hastings, a Democrat from the Fort Lauderdale area, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago.

Hastings was known as an advocate for minorities, a defender of Israel and a voice for homosexuals, immigrants, women and the elderly. He has held senior positions on the House Rules Committee and the Helsinki Commission, which deals with a wide range of multinational issues.

President Joe Biden called Hastings “a tragic lawyer” whom she praised for her “same sense of humor, and always speaking the truth and without reservations.”

“Elsie was clear because he was passionate about helping our country deliver on its promises to all Americans,” Biden said in a statement.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Hastings’ leadership and friendship would be missed by many of his friends in Congress.

But throughout his career, Hastings’ paternal grandfather remained a tough footnote. He was repeatedly featured in the news and was seen as fulfilling his ambitions for a major leadership role.

“This seems to be the only important thing for the writers,” Hastings told the Associated Press in 2013, predicting that the epicenter would be at the forefront of his agenda.

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Despite his seniority, Hastings was appointed chairman of the Ha Intelligence Intelligence Committee when Democrats took control of Congress in 2006. Be disappointed.

“Sorry, hatred,” he said when not selected for intelligence posting, “God is not over with me yet.”

Under Florida law, Governor Ron DeSantis will call a special election to fill the vacancy in the coming months. The Hastings district is the most democratic – receiving 80% of the vote in November.

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Hastings’ death, meanwhile, lowers the majority of Democrats in the House to 218-211. Their narrow margin is forcing the party to win an almost unanimous vote to pass legislation through the chamber, and boosting hopes of gaining control of the Republican House in the 2022 election.

There are six seats – four of the four seats held by Democrats were held by Republicans.

This seat was reported by reporter Luke Latlo, R-La. Won by Covid-19, who died before taking the oath of office, will go to his widow Julia Latlo, who won a special election. The rest is expected to be maintained by the parties that hosted them.

Born September 5, 1936, in Altamont Springs, Florida, a very black or Orlando suburb, Hastings was the son of a maid and a butler. He attended Fisk University and Florida A&M. After earning his law degree, he went into private practice and often took civil rights cases to Bono. He made a failed bid for the Senate in 1970, then became a state judge.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter named him to the federal bench. He was the first black person to receive federal justice in Florida after the Reconstruction.

From the beginning, his career was marked by controversy. His harsh criticism of President Ronald Reagan, his presence at the 1984 rally of then-presidential candidate Jesse Jackson and other moves that are considered unusual for current members of Parliament have raised questions about his impartiality. But Hastings insisted he was not doing anything wrong.

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“I speak out of court because I am a citizen and I have the interests of many people in this country,” he said. “I think it’s better for government officials to reveal themselves. I don’t think being a judge means I’m a newcomer. ”

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It wasn’t long before, however, before his judicial career took off. He became the first judge in the United States to be tried on criminal charges.

Hastings, along with Washington lawyer William Borders Jr., was charged by two convicted fraudsters with soliciting 150,000 in bribes to reduce their sentences. Hastings claims Borders solicited bribes without his knowledge.

Border was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. Hastings was acquitted, but this did not eliminate questions of morality, and a judicial panel charged him with self-defense. Although Hastings claimed that the actions of Congress were in double jeopardy, he was suspended by the House in 1988 and convicted by the Senate in 1989.

A federal judge later overturned the ruling, saying Hastings had been wrongly tried by a 12-member panel instead of the full Senate, but his sentence was short-lived. In a later ruling in the case of another ousted judge, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that the court could not re-evaluate the power of the Senate to remove federal officials.

By that time, Hastings had already won a seat in Congress in 1992, having been sworn in before the same body that had influenced him.

Like many other moves in Hastings’ life, his path to Congress was a high-level battle. He had won the seat on a large scale over allegations of racism in the Black District.

At one point, in his sharp race against Louis Frankel, he told a Palm Beach Post reporter, “The dog is a racist.” He won, however, and was easily re-elected over time.

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Frankl won his ticket to Congress as Hastings’ Democratic ally 20 years later. She called him a friend on Tuesday.

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“He was a fighter for civil rights and racial justice, and he was a great ally in Congress when it came to serving South Florida,” Frankel said in a statement.

Hastings is no stranger to controversy, even in recent years. In 2011, a former colleague filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him, claiming that he constantly hugged her against her will, pressed her cheek against him and suggested that he take her to his hotel room. Go into Hastings called them “ridiculous, ironic, stupid.”

The House Ethics Committee cleared Hastings in 2014, found no “compelling reason” to believe the allegations and cast doubt on “a large amount of evidence”.

He told the AP in 2013, “I have enjoyed some quarrels, and even the process of removing the accused and the bench. I didn’t and I don’t have. ”

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