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Canon takes temporary step towards eliminating photographers with Robotic Pick Camera


Canon takes temporary step towards eliminating photographers with Robotic Pick Camera

Canon is embracing the AI-inspired future with a strange new robotic camera called the PowerShot Pick. This tiny device automatically takes commands or jerks, sees, and holds its subjects.

It’s a bit like a smart security camera or a Facebook portal, but it means being taken with you wherever you go, attached to a selfie stick, and so on. Its body is about the juice box’s size, making it portable but not quite in the pocket.

The camera company is seen hedging its bookies by offering the pick not as a retail product but as a product. Japanese mob funding site Makkah, Where it has already blasted its Trumpy 10,000 10,000 targets (about 10 times this time, which is still only a fraction of how much it will cost to develop this item).

The Canon Pickup Camera tracks a strange looking person on a BMX bike.

“Choose ਬੰਦ Stop Looking At Me.” “I’m afraid I can’t do it, Dennis.” Image Credit: Canon

A promo video of the campaign shows the pick being used in various situations: face recognition and shooting during a party; Tracking a cyclist around your yard; Activating yourself on-demand in someone’s kitchen, and following their situation.

The idea is fun – a device you just set up, and it takes blank photos when you do your work, or it keeps you in mind when you do your blog – but the proof is in the confectionery.

The sensor is small, an old point-and-shoot 1 / 2.3 ″ 12MP, although the f / 2.8 zoom lens and image stabilization should help in uneven lighting. We won’t know what the shots look like unless they send some of them to supporters and reviewers.

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Is this the ridiculous death of a company eager to escape the death knell of the photography industry? Or is it a simple, easy solution for people who are tired of thinking, “Ah – someone should get a shot of it”? You can still tweak and operate the camera from the supported app.

One thing this Does not. There seems to be a webcam that seems like a missed opportunity. A swinging, smart webcam that takes voice commands many people tired of carrying every call in the same obscene verse from their home office. Now that we’ve completely stopped caring about the “professional look” (and if you don’t stop … that’s your hint), maybe we can start holding meetings while cleaning the kitchen or sitting in the yard.

Hopefully, this little experimental device will bear fruit for Canon, and we will all have robotic camera buddies that we take with us everywhere. Suddenly the sounds come, of course, but wait a few years.

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