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LG will unveil three Android OS updates for flagship smartphones

LG will Roll out three Android OS Updates for Flagship Smartphones

Last week LG announced that it was going to close its smartphone business. While many LG users were sad and thinking of shifting to other devices, the company has given us new news. LG has confirmed that these premium smartphones, which will launch after 2019, will now get Android OS updates. The company further said that its G and V series devices and the new Velvet series and Wing would get the latest Android updates.

This means that users own the latest LG G8 series. LG V50, LG V40, LG Velvet Series, and LG Wing will be lucky to receive the latest Android updates. From Android 13. LG Stylo 6 and some other 2020 KK series phones, including mid-range devices, will receive two OS updates so users can expect an update to Android 12.

While this is a tiny gesture to show that a company is always trying to serve the users’ convenience even though it is about to end, this small thank you from LG will be a great relief to consumers who cannot afford a new phone. Undoubtedly, we will miss LG smartphones and look forward to embarking on a new journey with its new ideas in the years to come.

The company has not yet set a date for the update to notify our readers in the coming days. However, if you plan to buy a new phone, we have a list of the 11 best smartphones under Rs. 30,000 in Pakistan.

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