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Road's Wireless Go II upgrades the best mobile mic and key for creators


Road’s Wireless Go II upgrades the best mobile mic and key for creators

Road Microphones has a new and improved version of its much-loved Go Portable Mic, the Wireless Go II, which uses the same shape factor as the original but adds a list of new and improved features. Most importantly, the Go II offers two transmitter packs that can talk to the same receiver simultaneously, allowing you to record two individual speakers on the same camera or connected device.


The Road Wireless Go II ($ 299) Ship with all the equipment you need to start recording high-quality audio with a camera or anything else can connect to a 3.5mm jack. Transmitter packs – there are two of them in the box – have built-in microphones that offer great sound in themselves, or you can use them with any 3.5mm level louver mic, depending on your needs.

The receiver pack can output up to 3.5mm TRS, but it can transmit using USB Type-C (also for charging). It’s new to this generation, and Rod also sells USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to electrical cables so that you can use them on modern Android devices, iPhones, iPods, Macs, and PCs.

Image Credit: Darrell Etherington

Each of the three packs has a built-in rechargeable battery that can provide up to seven hours of operating time on a single charge. You can adjust the gains independently on each transmitter and mute each separately or both from the receiver pack. You can also switch to mono recording and stereo recording mods with each transmitter as a channel.

Transmitters can operate at a range of 200 meters (approximately 650 feet) from the receiver provided they have a line-off – point of view. The receiver is displayed to show you the input level, battery status, contacts, and more. Each of the transmitters has two LEDs that provide visual feedback for contact and benefit. Each automatically records locally, with the ability to store more than 24 hours of audio on built-in storage in the event of a drop in connectivity.

Design and performance

With this update, it really feels like Rode has thought of everything. You can start immediately, for one, because the transmitter packs and receivers are pre-paired, and the left and right channels are set by default. They are incredibly user-friendly. While Rod calls Road Central a new Windows and Mac app for their centralization, you don’t really need any additional software to start recording with them.

This updated version also uses a new RF transmission technology with built-in 128-bit encryption, which is a long-distance site from their place of use. It is designed to make them more reliable in areas where there is already a lot of RF.

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Onordord memory is also new, which means you’ll never have to worry about any potentially lost connections because you’ll always have a local file to rely on transmitter packs. One such peace of mind feature is a safety channel that records backup tracks at -20dB so that if you hear a loud noise that causes your primary recording to bounce, you have. There will be another option. Both of these features are to be actively enabled in the Road Central app, which will also provide future firmware updates for the Rodeo Go II, but they are a very welcome addition.

Image Credit: Darrell Etherington

In the meantime, the best new feature might be that you get all these improvements in the same great package. The Rhode’s original go was amazing in large part because it came in such a small, portable package, with transmitters, built-in mixes as well as great body packs. The size here is the same, and they use the same integrated clips that make them compatible with all existing Go equipment on the road.


There is a concept of “lapping” in racing, where you are far ahead of a competitor that you beat them again. This is exactly what Rode has done with Go II, which leads the best mobile video/field podcasting mic on the market, with smart features that address some of the downsides of reality.

When the platform extends user access to the new "clip" option, it will provide another way to share YouTube content'
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