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Samsung Introduces ‘World’s First’ 8K QLED Smart TV to Support Wi-Fi 6E with MediaTek

Samsung Introduces 'World's First' 8K QLED Smart TV to Support Wi-Fi 6E with Media Tech

Introduced by Samsung’s latest smart TV 8K LE Lady 21, MediaTek, and SamsungFeaturing a MediaTek MT7921AU processor to support Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. The Taiwanese manufacturer says the new product is the world’s first smart TV model to support next-generation Wi-Fi technology. It first appeared in January last year. Besides, the Wi-Fi 6E uses Bluetooth 5.2 and 6 GHz spectrum to deal with the problems faced by Wi-Fi 6.


Samsung launches ‘world’s first smart TV to support MediaTek partner Wi-Fi 6E

Customers can enjoy free streaming and an online gaming experience through the connectivity features on Samsung’s new smart TV. Last year, the two tech giants developed two Samsung 8K LE Lady Smart TV Y20 models Q950, Q900 with Wi-Fi 6.

Smart TV support Wi-Fi 6E

MediaTek is an industry leader in developing innovative systems-on-chip (SOC) for mobile devices, home entertainment connectivity, and IoT products. Discussed new developments Jerry U., Senior Vice President of Corporate MediaTek And the general manager of Smart Devices Business Group, said in a statement:

“In particular, smart TV connectivity is fast and secure for consumers, whether they use smart TVs for streaming, games, or workouts. We are pushing the premium smart TV globally with advanced connectivity technology, including WiFi 6 integrated with Samsung’s 8K TV. ”

It also ensures that the new Bluetooth 5.2 Samsung 8K QLED Y21 will enable users to stream audio and video seamlessly with external devices. As its name suggests, a QLED A screen with a ‘quantum dot’ filter will be used for the TV model to increase its contrast and color vibration.

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More details of the MediaTek collaboration came through the official launch of Samsung’s next-generation smart TV. The unit price is expected to be around last year’s 85-inch Samsung Q950T 8K Smart QLED TV. More information is expected from the South Korean tech giant in the coming weeks.


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