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Tovala, smart oven and food kit service, warms up with funding 30M in funding


Tovala, smart oven and food kit service, warms up with funding $30M in funding

With so many of us spending significant time at home because of Covid-19, our focus has rapidly shifted to how and what we eat. Even for those who like to cook, but especially for those who do not have the time or inclination, bringing food with tasty, nutritious, and new things can be a challenge. Today, one of the startups that have seen growth in its business is announcing a round of funding to expand its operations.

Tovala, The smart oven, and the food kit service have discontinued the $30 million series. David Rabbi, co-founder and CEO of the Chicago startup told TechCrunch that he plans to use a large portion of the funds to open a second facility in Utah, most likely in Utah, west of the United States. More investment to help distribute fresh food in half. This will include improving customer service and bringing in more talent.

It will also gradually begin to bring more options for pre-prepared meals and dishes: Rabbi said it is working on a service with leading restaurants and chefs to sell and cook food in the Tovala oven.

“We think we can get closer to the restaurant experience because of the tandoor,” Rabi said. “Instead of just repeating the cooking, we think we can open up access to a local restaurant.”

Left Lane Capital is leading funding, with Finistier Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Overcard, Origin Ventures, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, and Joe Mansueto – all past supporters.

In fact, Spread on the Y combinator, Towala has attracted more interesting investors in the company, Poultry giant Tyson is included. In particular, this is the second round of funding for startups in a six-month period A series Braised 20 20 million last June.

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Unlike that previous round, the assessment is not being disclosed today. However, the company has affected some significant numbers, as evidenced by this funding, which points out how its value could increase.

Annual earnings have doubled in the last 18 months (that is, including the increase before Covid-19); The number of employees for the year is over 40%; The company shipped 3 million meals, And the company says its ovens are being used by their owners 32 times each month (a stat can track it because the devices are connected).

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But it still does not disclose the total user numbers, Rabbi said.

Tovala oven sells for 29 299, but the company typically raises 100 if you commit to six of its 99 11.99 meals (one meal per person) over the next six months. At the moment – possibly to tap the movement of people who are considering what kind of food they eat after the restaurant closes and spend more time at home – it seems that Tovala is out of the responsibility of eating. Offering discounts of up to $ 130 to non-oven buyers. , Dropping the price of the oven from about $ 170.

In addition to the company’s own pre-made trays that you bake in the oven and then garnish when finished (garnish included), Towala’s oven can cook hundreds of pre-prepared dishes and meals by scanning package barcodes and storing them. It is sold in, And the recipe that prepares it, and you can make your own and program the oven to cook through the Towala app. You can use the towel in the same way that you can use any countertop oven, toast, steam, bake, and braille you choose, most independently.

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The illusion of food kits and food delivery businesses that order you to eat things at your fingertips has changed what many people think about the food at home.

All of these are designed to help simplify the eating process. But in this vast selection of options, Towala is building his business in the hope that it can cover a specific area: people who want to eat fresh food that they cook at home but who have the time or Not interested in it. Food together – not even when they come with things, and kit companies measure food.

However, this is only one aspect of the business: Tovalla’s oven, Rabbi said, is a central part of the vertical integration that the company has created, and with the stories, you can hear about how “hardware hard” it is, here Are. To be part of the proposal.

“We’re in the business of feeding people, and the oven is our vehicle to do that,” he said. “We’re both a tech and food company, and at no time do I see myself out of the tandoor business.”

That said, the company is expanding partnerships with others who also produce ovens.

In particular, Tovala has struck a deal with LG to embed its software in the LG Oven, enabling them to cook Tovala and other dishes that can program with its app and barcode scanning system. Can. “The deal is sensible because the full-size LG Oven, which runs Towala’s software, is” not the kind of product line we’re going to enter, “Rabi said.

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It appears that LG is not an investor, and it is not clear when these new devices will be launched: a deal was announced between the two. Back in 2019.

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Yet, this partnership is a sign of how hardware companies that are building connected devices, and the services around them, are weaving closer together with the people who come to take their next scaling step.

In at least two instances where the reason for being a competitor has occurred: BBQ Q giant Weber launched Smart Oven Startup in June (Who had previously invested in it) in January. And back in 2017, Electrolux acquires SaaS video startup Anova for 250 million.

That kind of exit may or may not be on Tovala’s menu, but it’s an indication of the options at the beginning for the future to move from hunger to the main course.

At the moment, the idea is to be independent and grow, though. The rabbi told me that Left Lane’s interest was based on how he saw Towala as a “Peloton” category of pure food at home, partly because of how it was a person’s daily routine. It can become part of your habits and routine.

“The combination of food shopping with connected equipment has enabled Towala to achieve a customer-barrier rate that is better than anything we’ve seen in food delivery – in many ways that Peloton has traditionally reduced. Received in Ideal fitness industry, ”said Jason Fiedler, co-founder and managing partner of Left Capital. “Our team brings a proven track record in defining the category of consumer subscription business, and we are excited about the prospect of Tovala becoming the next leading food tech company.” Fidler is joining the board this round.'
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