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Xiaomi misses over-the-air wireless charging, but it’s not coming to its devices this year

Xiaomi misses over-the-air wireless charging, but it's not coming to its devices this year

Xiaomi, the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, is inaugurated today.MI Air Charge Technology, Which it says can provide 5W power to multiple devices “within a radius of several meters” as the Chinese giant calls customers to the “true wireless charging era.”

The company said it has self-developed a separate charging pile with five-stage interface built-in antennas that can “accurately determine the location of a smartphone.”

The company said the single-stage control, made up of 144 antennas, transmits millimeter-wide waves directly to the phone via beamforming. In the “near future,” the system will also work with smartwatches, bracelets, and other wearable devices Will be able.

A company spokesman said Xiaomi, which has already been introduced 80 w And 120 w Wireless charging technology, will not include this new system for consumer products this year.

Here’s how the company described the mechanics of its new technology:

On the smartphone side, Xiaomi has also developed a miniaturized antenna array with built-in “Beacon Antenna” and “Receiving Antenna Array”. Beacon antenna transmits status information with low power consumption. The antenna array, made up of 14 antennas, converts the millimeter wave signal emitted by the charging ilera into an electric energy discharge through a rectifier circuit, making the sci-fi charging experience a reality.

Currently, Xiaomi remote charging technology is capable of 5-watt remote charging for a single device within a radius of several meters. In addition, multiple devices can be charged at the same time (each device supports 5 watts), and physical interruptions do not reduce charging efficiency.

New News Site XDA-Developer Reported On Friday; a Motorola executive also demonstrated a prototype remote charging system that appears to provide power over the air. There is no word on when its technology will affect consumer devices.

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