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Safe rebar on the fly to speed up Skymul's drone construction


Safe rebar on the fly to speed up Skymul’s drone construction

He said many jobs in the construction industry fall into the “dry, dirty, and hazardous” category. One such job is to tie the rebar, which is important but repetitive. A startup called SkyMool is fully automated Use of drone fleet.

Unless you have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about yourself, you probably don’t know what it’s like to tie a knot. Steel ribs that provide strength to concrete floors, walls, and other structures are tied to the second ribs during the falling process where the poles cross. This can easily be thousands of connections for a well-sized building or bridge – and the process is usually done by hand.

Roadbusters (as Reber binding experts say, or so I am told) are masters of the art of twisting a short length of plastic or wire around an intersection between two pieces of rebar, then twisting it and Tie tightly so that there are rods. Safe in many directions. It must be done accurately and effectively, and it is – but it is a background, a repetitive task. While any professional should be proud of their work, I doubt anyone would acknowledge the excruciating pain of working thousands of times an hour. As you might expect, rodbusters have a higher injury rate and develop serious issues.

Automating the rebar binding is a trick because it occurs in so many different situations. It is a major semi-robotic solution, Tybot, Which is a kind of rail-mounted gantry that suspends itself from the surface – but when it comes to an understanding of a bridge, it makes little sense for the 20th floor of an office building.

The animated image of the drone floats on the ray bar and binds it together at intersections.

Image Credit: Skymool

Enter Symbol, a beginner still in the very early stages but with a compelling pitch: try to tie up made by a drone fleet. When you think that the binding process doesn’t involve a lot of energy and computer vision is good enough to find the place that needs work … it starts to make clear kinds of noises.

CEO and co-founder Johann George said they evaluated many different robotic solutions but that drones are the only meaning they understand. A single-legged robot with the ability to choose its path through the rebar is very expensive, and trades and wheels are very likely to send unsafe rebar. The Skye system develops after extensive field research in Georgia Tech’s robotics lab.

The figure shows how Skymul's dron maps the area of ​​the rib and then distributes it to bind.

Image Credit: Skymool

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Here’s how it works. First, the mapper drone flies to the site to mark the boundaries and then, in an automated nearby flyover, maps the rebar itself and where the links will need to go. The map was then double-checked by a road buster technician running the show, which George said only takes a thousand square feet per minute (although it adds up soon).

Then the tied drones are released, as many as needed or wanted. Each moves from one place to another, rotating and descending until its binding tools (such as those used by human rodbusters) extend the ribbed cross; The tie is wrapped, twisted, and the drone is off in the next place. They need to replace their batteries every 25 minutes, which means they usually have time to connect 70-80; At the moment, each drone makes a tie every 20 seconds, which is human-friendly, which can do it fast but can usually go at that speed or slow, according to the numbers quoted by George.

It isn’t easy to estimate Skye’s cost savings and cost, as the value of labor varies widely. In some places, rodbusters cost more than $ 80 / hour, which means automation draws in cost savings. But in other markets, the pay is less than a third, which makes the risk of injury to the rodbusters very small – so the value lies in availability and reliability. Drone-based binding seems to offer value in one way or another, but it does mean that the business model is somewhat streamlined as Skymool shows what is most important. Contractors usually rented and eventually had their own drones at one level or another, although other options are being considered.

The computer-generated animated image of the grid overrides the images on the rebar.

Image Credit: Skymool

The system offers value-added services and an accurate map of the originally generated rebar, which can be archived and later used for its maintenance, quality assurance, comparison with plans, and other purposes. Can be. Once a contractor is convinced that it is better or better than the handmade currently used, it can save hours, convert a 3-day job into a 2-day job or simplify logistics. Will make.

The company plans to offer Skyty an alternative to the first bridge construction, a simpler environment for drones than a multi-story building. The market there is in the US alone at-30-40 million per year, providing an easy way for more sophisticated deployments and expansion into larger global markets.

The symbol is looking for funding that stems from the work done by Comcast-NBC Accelerator at Farm at Georgia Tech and has been awarded the National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I Award (Phase II Expectations). With). He has demonstrated the system but has yet to begin his pilot program with his partner; The construction business is not famous for its modesty, and a drone-based solution is not uncommon for human rodbusters to take little notice, but George is confident they are ready to jump on the bandwagon soon. Once certain projects fall into their area, the company is likely to find a serious role among forward-thinking contractors.

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