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How Frankie Jonas AGONIZED From ‘Bonus Jonas’ Nickname?

how frankie jonas agonized from bonus jonas nickname
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Frankie Jonas is opening up about the struggles of growing up as the youngest Jonas Brother, and he shares his true thoughts on the widely-recognized nickname he came to be known as.

A long, long time ago, in the year 2005, a little family group called The Jonas Brothers was formed… the majority of all of you are JoBros experts at this point. But around the time the family moved to Little Falls, New Jersey that same year, they began taking music more seriously and wrote their first studio album, It’s About time.

However, with eyes being set on Nick, Kevin and Joe, many overlooked the fact that they had a younger brother, Frankie, who was far too young (five years old, to be exact) to join a boyband.

Although Frankie had never really been open about what life was really like as the youngest Jonas Brother, he recently opened up about his experiences growing up in the public eye in an interview with Bustle.

During his interview, one specific thing Frankie got candid about was the damaging effect the fan-made nickname ‘Bonus Jonas’ had on him, which I’m sure you’ve all been made very aware of at some point during the JoBros reign.

He reflected on being dubbed the ‘Bonus Jonas’ by his brothers’ fandom, saying, “I always hated that nickname. A lot of my problem with being in the public eye was that I was seen as this commodified vision of myself.” Frankie also reflected on his very first experience with social media at just 12 years old and how upsetting it was to read some of the comments made about him.

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Back in 2012, he recalled downloading Twitter and searching his name only to be disappointed in what he’d seen, saying, “A lot of it was like, ‘If you ever feel forgotten, remember this guy.’ Or, ‘Frankie Jonas is a talentless sack of sh*t.’”

The nickname was so widespread that Joe Jonas also revealed that he apologized to Frankie over it once he learned how it affected him. Joe said, “I refused to call Frankie ‘Bonus Jonas’ after he opened up to me about how that was hurtful to him.

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It ultimately makes sense, and we’ve had lengthy conversations and apologies behind closed doors that showcased my understanding and respect for his wishes.” Joe also explained how he feels about all of his brothers, adding, “I think to feel like you are second, third, or fourth-best from something is unfair; we are all equals.”

Now, Frankie has been able to form his own identity apart from the Jonas Brothers world, as seen by his own unique social media presence and the fact that he’s been open with fans about his struggles.

Frankie now has almost two million followers on TikTok, explaining, “This experience on TikTok is so different because I’m being so authentically myself and not caring and just doing what I can.”

In November, Frankie also shared an Instagram post celebrating the fact that he’s going back to school at Columbia University, AKA a freaking Ivy League school.

This new outlook on life is a complete 180 from the Frankie he was two years ago when he deleted all social media accounts to gain more privacy while attempting to overcome his struggles-turned-addiction to drugs and alcohol. He previously opened up about getting sober after attempting suicide in a TikTok video last month and revealed just how grateful he is to be alive today.

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There’s no question that his biggest fans and supporters are equally as thrilled that he was able to recover and make a name for himself, and Frankie Jonas is truly a force to be reckoned with!

Final thoughts!

For more details on Frankie’s past struggles and how he overcame addiction, stay here for a full rundown. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Frankie’s comments about the ‘Bonus Jonas’ nickname right down here in the comments.

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