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cameron boyce's bff facts about coping with his loss


Cameron Boyce’s BFF Facts about Coping with His Loss

Cameron Boyce’s best friend and former roommate Karan Brar just revealed Cam’s death and how it changed his entire perspective on life. Let’s get into what he said.

Longtime fans of Cameron Boyce know that he was best friends with Karan Brar for as long as we can remember. The two starred alongside each other on Disney Channel shows like ‘Jessie,’ and ‘Bunk’d,’ and they even played brothers. And they became a total trio with Cameron’s “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything” co-star Sophie Reynolds.

The three of them were inseparable, did everything together, and frequently appeared on each other’s social media pages. And in May 2019, just months before Cameron passed away; the trio announced they were officially roommates.

Since Cameron’s death, Karan has continued to post in his memory, support his foundation, honor his birthday, and he even got a tattoo to commemorate their friendship.  And now, in a new conversation with Jennette McCurdy on her podcast ‘Empty Inside,’ Karan and Jennette discussed everything from grief to loss to even child acting.

Towards the end of the hour-long episode, Jennette asked Karan how losing his best friend Cameron has changed him. “I think it changed everything for me. It was really hard because Cam and I were like inseparable, we did like everything together.”

Karan explained that they worked together, lived together, and hung out with friends together, so when Cameron passed, he felt utterly alone. “It was very hard to all of a sudden feel very alone and go zero to a hundred in terms of not having my partner in crime with me.” And he got honest about how the experience of losing his best friend impacted his mental health.

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He said that at first, he turned into the “worst version of himself that he thinks he’s ever been.” “It was like untreated mental illness and grief all like wrapped into one and it was just an overwhelming amount of emotion.” For a while, his grief was all he could focus on, but eventually, Karan noted that he started to find his footing in this destabilizing situation.

Karan said, “In certain situations, it made it more uncomfortable and more painful, but I think what it made me is someone who is getting better at taking care of himself.”  Karan discussed how Cameron and their other best friend, Sophie, were always there to take care of him because he wasn’t prioritizing his wellness.

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But since Cam’s passing, Karan has been trying to put his mental and physical health first. He said, “I think that’s one thing I’m trying to take away from losing Cameron, is to take care of myself the way that he would want me to take care of myself.”

We’re glad to hear Karan is in a better place now, though, as he noted, you never really fully heal from that kind of loss. I think we can all learn from that lesson, though, of making time to take care of ourselves. And if you want to get involved with Cameron Boyce’s foundation and all the incredible work his family is doing to honor his legacy, search the related article here.

Final thoughts!

And if you want more on Cameron Boyce, stay here to learn how he will be honored in the upcoming Descendants film. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of Karan’s interview, and feel free to show him some love.

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