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Fans Relate Kim Kardashian To Jeffree Star Over THIS Photo!

fans relate kim kardashian to jeffree star over this photo

Kim Kardashian just debuted a brand new look for a “special shoot,” In typical Kim fashion, it just caused the Internet to lose all chill as many are now comparing her to Jeffree Star. You really can’t make this stuff up…

Kim Kardashian is known for switching up her style and debuting some seriously jaw-dropping looks… and while we’re on the subject, I’m still not entirely over the green Christmas hulk ‘fit. Anyway, amid law school and divorce filings, Kim documented a recent photoshoot on Thursday in which she debuted bleached eyebrows.

While this look isn’t entirely shocking compared to some of Kim’s other looks, she then swapped her dark brown braids for a platinum blonde wig, and basically, all hell broke loose, and the comparisons came rolling in.

Many viewers were quick to note that she resembled YouTuber Jeffree Star with Kim’s bleached brows and hair color as he’s previously donned a similar look. Both ‘Kim K.’ and ‘Jeffree Star’ began trending on Twitter as users couldn’t help but comment on the new look with the help of some seriously comical memes.

One person tweeted this meme from Drake and Josh with the caption, “Kim K. trying to distract us from Tristan Kardashian’s new cheating episode by serving us Jeffree Star’s lewk.” Another user made mention of the recent rumor that Jeffree and Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West were involved, writing, “She turning into Jeffree star to win back Kanye.” Too soon…?

Others are convinced that Kim’s new look resembles Ru Paul, and now I officially can’t see anything else…  Thankfully, Kim updated fans shortly after the shoot that she had already gone back to her normal brown hair, telling fans, “I’m back to dark already, don’t worry.”

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She has yet to comment on the Jeffree Star and Ru Paul comparisons. Based on the false allegations involving Kanye and Jeffree’s “affair” that began surfacing on TikTok back in January, it’s not likely she’ll be addressing this one any time soon…

Last thoughts!

To see why fans are convinced that Kim is now dating lawyer Van Jones, stay here for a full rundown. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Kim’s new look down here in the comments and if you also saw the Jeffree Star comparisons.

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