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Thomas Doherty’s Career In A Gay Bar Pre-Acting, EXPOSED!

thomas doherty's career in a gay bar pre acting, exposed

We love Thomas Doherty for his portrayal of a wide range of characters, but before making it big, he worked a slew of rather interesting jobs, starring as none other than himself. Let’s get into it.

Before he starred as pretty boy Max Wolfe in the Gossip Girl reboot or Captain Hook’s pride and joy in Disney’s Descendants, Thomas Doherty was just your average teen trying to make a few bucks.

While recently catching up with Interview magazine, Thomas dished on what life was like before landing his most star-studded film and television roles and let’s just say he’s taken on some pretty unique positions in his past.

Thomas told the outlet, “I’ve done loads of jobs. I used to be a paperboy and then I worked in a call center, I worked in TJ Maxx and American Hollister.” Not too out of the ordinary, right? Thomas then went on to detail the time he was a maid while living in Edinburgh, adding, “It was really funny because it was all these like 50-plus Polish women who were the other maids and I was 17.”

This short-lived career didn’t exactly lead him down the right path, as he recalled it being “the worst thing” because he used to get hammered on a Friday night and go to work on Saturday morning while having to “clean all these rooms and beds.”

It wasn’t all that bad, though, because how often does one get to walk into a place of work that contains a bed? Thomas said, “I used to go for a sleep when I was cleaning the rooms. I’d give myself like five minutes in each room to sleep.”

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But things came to a stand-still in his career as Thomas revealed that he couldn’t get a job in a bar due to lack of experience; however, as luck would have it, he eventually DID get hired at a gay bar, explaining that it was probably one of the best jobs he’s had.

He said, “No one would hire me because I didn’t have any experience in a bar. And I was like, ‘I know where I’ll get a job.’ So I started working in a gay bar. It was f–king great. I loved it. It was so good. Good music, loads of tips. Can’t complain.” When he was 18, Thomas revealed that his mom sent him to an acting college, and after dabbling in musical theatre, he recalled falling in love with acting.

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As many fans know, Thomas is set to star in the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot as Max Wolfe, but revealed that he never watched the show until recently, saying, “An old girlfriend was obsessed with it, and so I think I watched the last couple of episodes.” Oddly enough, Thomas recalled being bored in his hotel room one night, to which he began watching it and was instantly hooked. As for his favorite characters, he described Blair Waldorf as “class” and mentioned he was also a big fan of Chuck Bass.

While not much else is currently known about the reboot, we DO know that the series is set to pick up eight years after the original website went dark, as a “new generation of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl.”

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Fans of both the show’s past and present have been itching to get a glimpse into what the all-new reboot entails, but thankfully the wait is almost over. Xoxo, upper east-siders!

Final thoughts!

And for all the details on Thomas’s rumored new relationship with model Yasmin Wijnaldum (WHY-NELL-DUM), stick around for more thrilling news. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Thomas’s past jobs right down here in the comments.

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