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ACE Family’s Catherine SPEAKS about Austin’s “Double Life”

ace family's catherine speaks about austin's double life

Catherine McBroom of The Ace Family is speaking out in defense of her husband Austin McBroom after one media outlet alleged that he has a “secret family.” Let’s get into it.

The Ace Family is one of the most recognized families within the YouTube community, with 19 million subscribers. They are known, in large part, for their family vlogs featuring day-to-day life, their marriage proposal, and gender reveals.

However, many controversies have arisen in recent years surrounding Austin and reports of infidelity and very serious claims and allegations of rape and sexual assault. We won’t get into all that right now, but you can find the details about harrowing claims made by YouTuber Cole Carrigan back in 2019.

Austin is set to fight Bryce Hall for the YouTubers vs. TikTokers: Battle of the Platforms fight next month; however, on the heels of the big match, his family is now caught up in a bit of family drama involving his alleged “double life.”

This rumor seemingly began after a TikTok user named Adrianna Vee claimed that Austin is the father of her daughter. She posted a TikTok video of herself last month with large piles of money, writing, “When Catherine [McBroom] pays you to have an abortion after getting pregnant by her husband Austin.”

And in a series of since-deleted TikToks, another user claimed to have worked at the daycare the child attended and said that aside from being listed as the baby’s father on the paperwork. He also pays for her schooling and required staff to sign an NDA to keep the paternity of the baby quiet. At the time, Austin spoke out via social media, denying the rumors and claiming that these “weirdos” constantly use “his and his family’s name for views and to pay their bills.”

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Austin also stated that he doesn’t typically comment on cheating allegations, but did say that “people keep giving these attention w**res is what they want and that’s why they continue to make up lies and rumors.”

The rumors have since continued as Snapchat news outlet Todo Bien shared an article claiming that Austin has a “secret family,” which didn’t quite sit well with Catherine, who immediately came to his defense via the app.

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She called out the outlet for spreading fake news “every other week” and using the same photo while describing the entire situation as “absolutely repulsive.”  She said, “I get that using my name to lure people to click on your story is profitable, but continuing to cover a version of the same fake news is disturbing and desperate.”

Catherine also added that she “can’t even begin to articulate how terribly wrong and untrue that is,” and said that the publication is “almost as desperate as the girl that made the TikTok claiming and celebrating that I paid her to get an abortion.”

Todo Bien has not responded to Catherine’s message, but fans have been sending mixed reactions about the rumors. One fan tweeted, “If it keeps getting brought up, then it’s for a reason… I can name many influencers & MUAs that don’t have their husbands in the tabloids every week like he is.”

Another person wrote, “If it’s fake, then why acknowledge it or give it energy?” At this time, the Ace family continues to deny the allegations, but should more information come to light; we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

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Final thoughts!

For more celeb news, stay here to see who will be in attendance for YouTube’s first-ever beauty fest… and who was left off the guest list. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Catherine’s response to the claims about Austin’s double life right down here in the comments.

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